It’s finally back!
THEGROWTH JUICE is by far the easiest way to consume calories and the best part is that it actually tastes like juice!

This idea came to me when I first started weight training...which was now just over 9 years ago...I was a 15 year old skinny kid dreaming of being the biggest in the room.

I had just purchased my first massgainer and after just one sip I was already hating the entire experience, it was gluggy, overly sweet, it even tasted more similar to medicine compared to it’s listed flavour “vanilla”.
I remember thinking why couldn’t this be a fizzy drink or juice?

So here we are, making dreams become reality.

I’m super excited for you all to try this amazing supplement as it’s truly a masterpiece, we’ve been able to balance the ting that juice brings along side the sweetness, best part is; it’s very easy to smash down.

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