THEGROWTH is a small team that has a passion for weight lifting and baking, founded by Eathan Jackson in the early year of 2016, Eathan set out to solve a problem he had always faced growing up, being skinny.

Eathans journey started long before the founding of THEGROWTH, it started in high school in the early years of 2010-2013, he always had dreams of being bigger. Carrying nothing more than 49 kilograms of body weight and that’s if he was soaking wet. He knew things had to change, fast forward 5 years of studying food science, eating and lifting he grew to a solid 80 kilograms.

His next desire was to combine all his knowledge into one simple convenient product in hopes to solve skinny.


Little did he know of what the challenges life had install for him.

challenges ranging from starting an actual company, building the right legal structure, learning the laws and regulations, marketing.

All while working the night shift to pay for what he dreamt of as the solution. That solution was THEGROWTH.

The hardest part was yet to come, after creating the first prototype he quickly learnt that baking science played a huge role in the desired outcome. He had to produce a product that was balanced macronutrient wise, while at the same time staying within the lines of baking science. It was far from easy, but it was going to be worth it.

He began studying, taking in every bit of information he could, ranging from high end baking experiments to little old ladies baking on YouTube.

Fast forward 2 years of pure grind and product development THEGROWTH COOKIE was created, supplying a delicious taste while offering real weight gaining ingredients such as whey protein, brown rice flour and much more.


Our story is just starting, but we are a team of hard working, caring individuals who want nothing more than to please and build a long lasting relationship with its customers, so they too can gain weight and be bigger™.